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The old family photographs shown here on the sleeve were the inspiration for this album. The recent loss of my parents sent me on a journey of discovery, which has been both eye opening and healing. The hardships their people endured, the tales of poverty, the losses of war and emigration – all the more poignant when able to connect a face to a name. The title ‘urram’ sums it up – respect.

  1. Gura mise tha gu dubhach
  2. A Bhirlinn Bharrach
  3. Ca na dh’fhag thu m’fhichead gini
  4. Ci an Fhidheall/Cubair thu, tailear thu
  5. Urnaigh a Bhain Thigreach
  6. Cha teid Mor a Bharraigh bhronaich
  7. Maol Ruanidh Ghlinneachain
  8. Saoil a mhor, am pos thu
  9. Taladh Throndairnis
  10. Chuir iad an t-suil a Pilot
  11. Eilean Fraoich
  12. S’i nochd a’ chiad oidche ‘n fhoghair
  13. Cadal cha dean mi

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Thanks to;
Jane Skinner & Vertical records, Creative Scotland, all at Gorbals sound studios, Alasdair MacLean pianos, Tobar an Dualchais, School of Scottish Studies, Aonghas MacNeacail, Callum & Rhoda MacNeil of Nask in Barra for filling in the family blanks, and Charles and Blanche Crossan for ‘salvaging’ the family pics!

A huge thanks to all the musicians who contributed, it’s been a joy. To my late parents for providing such a colorful backdrop to my creative life, and special thanks to Donald for not only his musical vision but for his unswerving patience! Le gaol, KAREN x

Donald Shaw – Piano & Accordion
Innes White – Guitar & Mandolin
Ewen Vernal – Double bass
Sorren MacLean – Acoustic & Electric guitar
Matheu Watson – Bouzouki & Fiddle
Signy Jacobsdottir – Percussion
Seckou Keita – African Kora & percussion
Soumik Datta – Indian Sarod
Brendan Power – Harmonica
Mr McFall’s chamber – Strings (arranged by Robert McFall)
James Grant – Guitar (track 8)
John Doyle – Bouzouki (track 8)
Alyn Cosker – Drums (track 8)
Anna Massie – Guitar (track 8)
Michael McGoldrick – Flute (track 9)

Album recorded and Mixed at Gorbals Sound Studio, Glasgow
Engineered by Kevin Burleigh
Additional recording at An Tobar, Mull by Gordon MacLean and Glo-Worm studios by Iain Hutchison

Produced by Donald Shaw
Mixed by Kevin Burleigh & Donald Shaw
Mastered by Iain Hutchison
Artwork by James Morrison

All tracks traditional – arranged Shaw/Matheson except the following;

Track 5 – Montgomery/Shaw – arranged by Robert McFall. Track 9 – Neil Matheson – arranged by Robert McFall. Track 10 – Duncan MacDougal. Track 11 – William MacKenzie.

All tracks published by Vertical Music.

  • Beach on Eriskay
  • Our Lady, star of the Sea statue, overlooking Castlebay, Isle of Barra.
  • And out to sea
  • Climbing Heaval. Stunning views of Kissimul Castle.
  • Tape machine – Gorbals studio, Glasgow
  • Recording, Gorbals Sound Studio, Glasgow
  • Recording, Gorbals Sound Studio, Glasgow
  • Gordon MacLean, An Tobar, Isle of Mull
  • With Seckou Keita
  • With Soumek Datta